BULSCA Student Championships 2020: Sunday

The Bristol Squad – including the Champs organisers/Bristol Alumni Steph and Sophie.

Day two of Champs runs as a normal league competition – and after a great Saturday, the Bristol squad were ready to take on the day.  Bristol had an impressive five team showing on the Sunday: A, B and C teams made up from the six boy, six girl squad who competed on Saturday as ‘counting’ towards the overall weekend results, as well as D and E teams made up from individuals who competed or were helpers on Saturday.  Champs SERCs are typically more elaborate, so set up took a longer amount of time than is typical, but eventually our first team was called.

The dry SERC was situated at a campsite, and with no other information given in our brief, we did not know what to expect when we walked in.  Once the SERC had started, perhaps the biggest challenge was having two unconscious non-breathing casualties – one of them, a baby lying face down in a paddling pool of water, and the other an adult who had been electrocuted.  Treating both of these casualties left only two team members taking on the rest of the SERC if teams did not manage to find the emergency triangle behind the door (also hiding the first aid kit), which led an emergency first responder to enter the room who could also treat the casualties.  Amongst the other casualties, there was also the baby’s mother whose panicking developed into an asthma attack, an unconscious breathing adult in a tent, and an adult who was choking and would go unconscious if left untreated – a lot of very high priority casualties! To add to the confusion multiple phones were found in the SERC, all with no signal, as well as a significant number of props to distract us.  Despite this, the Bristol teams coped very well with the dry SERC – some amazing results with Bristol A coming 5th, and great consistency with the B Team coming 10th, C Team 12th and D Team 11th

Immediately after the dry we were moved to the wet SERC, where our brief and introductory video prepared us for a capsized ship off the coast of Scotland.  Upon entering the SERC there were two boats in the water – one capsized with a panicking swimmer holding onto it and a panicking non-swimmer stuck underneath it, and one upright with Bristol alumni Alex acting as captain of the sunken ship, with one more asthmatic casualty in the boat with him.  A pair of locked swimmers, a panicking swimmer and one more non-panicking swimmer in a life jacket made up the rest of the casualties in the pool, as well as a casualty suffering from chest pains on the side of the pool.  To make matters more difficult, there was an unconscious, non-breathing adult on the side with an untrained casualty performing CPR on the manikin upon entering – teams had to negotiate her away from the manikin, and then dedicate one member to continuing CPR on it, leaving only three team members to the rest of the SERC.  Bristol A managed the wet with ease, coming 1st out of all 35 teams, with the B Team not far behind coming 7th!  Our E team also had a great performance, finishing 15th overall.

After the SERCs had finished, we moved to the speed events.  Firstly, we had the rope throw relay which saw Bristol A coming 6th overall!  Notably, for the first time at a competition, our D Team captain Jess got her rope out!  After rope throw, we moved to the final event of the Champs weekend – the swim-tow relay.  Despite the demanding Saturday and previous SERCs, Bristol came away from this event with some great times and results, with the A Team placing 2nd overall in the competition and the B Team not far behind placing 8th.   

Our A Team, who placed 2nd overall in the Sunday competition!
Our B Team, who placed 8th overall in the Sunday competition!
Our C Team, who placed 21st overall in the Sunday competition!
Our D Team, who placed 25th in the Sunday competition!
Our E Team, who placed 22nd in the Sunday competition!
Our wonderful Bristol helpers, including UBLSC alumni Adam, Chris and Alex.

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