Southampton Competition 22nd February

Bristol at Southampton

The second competition of 2020 took Bristol to Southampton. 3 teams from Bristol entered themselves into this competition for what looked to be one of the toughest days yet in the season. After arriving and heading straight to isolation, the competition begun. We tackled our way through Richard’s isolation quiz which put us in the problem solving mindset that is essential for SERCs. Unfortunately, our lifesaving was better than our knowledge of Winter Olympic host cities and Grand Nationals so we didn’t come out on top, but all teams enjoyed combining our knowledge to attempt to answer all the questions. Bristol A left isolation first to participate in the SERCs, encountering a yoga session as the location of the dry SERC, including casualties such as a diabetic, an unconscious non-breathing person and someone who had overheated. All 3 teams excelled in this SERC, shown by Bristol A placing 2nd, with Bristol B and C both coming in the top 10. Next, we headed onto the wet SERC. It was set in the Yosemite Valley Swimming Pool, after a sighting of a bear that had luckily disappeared from the area before the lifesavers emerged on the scene. Casualties included an unconscious non-breathing drowned swimmer who had unfortunately been attacked by said bear and had a cut on their shoulder, an asthmatic and a hypothermic casualty. Bristol A outdid all other teams on this scenario by coming 1st, with Bristol B close behind in 4th place. We moved onto the speeds events, starting with rope throw. All teams managed to successfully rescue at least 2 members of their team, with all the members of the A team getting their rope out to each other. After this we raced in the obstacle relay. This was the first time this season this race has been done at a competition and so we were excited to partake in this event. Each team member swims 50m of the pool, but halfway through each length, the swimmer must dive under a gate that has been suspended in the pool. Bristol sped through this event, with Bristol A placing 5th and Bristol B following them with 6th. Finally, the competition ended with Swim and Tow. This was a fantastic event for Bristol competitors as most came away with personal bests and all placed in the top 10, with Bristol A placing 2nd. After the iconic Southampton full English breakfast it was time for results. Bristol C placed 11th overall, Bristol B came 7th and Bristol A took 2nd place. It was a very successful and enjoyable competition and we can’t wait to compete in the BULSCA Student Championships this weekend! 

Bristol A with their 2nd place medals

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