Warwick Competition 8th February

Bristol on poolside

Our first competition of the new year was held in Warwick. 4 teams of Bristol lifesavers (and one judge and helper) travelled up, ready to partake in what was to be a challenging but exciting competition. After a long wait in isolation, accompanied by many cups of tea and coffee provided by the Bristol isolation kettle, the SERCs started. Bristol C kicked things off, being the first Bristol team to tackle them. The dry SERC took place in the setting of the aftermath of a football match at the University of Warwick. Casualties included an unconscious non-breathing adult, a victim impaled with a knife and a choking casualty. Bristol A were able to easily deal with this incident, earning them 2nd place. Next, our teams headed over to the wet SERC. This SERC took place on a sinking boat where all passengers and crew had been tipped overboard. Casualties included 2 unconscious swimmers, a head bleed and other weak swimmers. Bristol C did fantastically in this SERC, gaining 4th place! Next, the relays started with rope throw. Bristol A was able to win this event, managing to rescue all team members. Next, competed in the medley relay event. All teams excelled in this event, with a special mention to the A team that came 7th. Finally, we ended the competition with swim and tow. This was a record breaking event for Bristol lifesavers with most achieving personal bests for their swims! Well done to Bristol A that were able to come 5th for this event. With everyone pleased with their performances for the day, we headed into results to discover the outcome of the day. Bristol A came 1st in the A league and 2nd overall, Bristol B came 4th in the B league and 9th overall, Bristol C came 17th overall and Bristol D came 14th overall. It was a very successful day for all Bristol teams, seen by the amazing results and we can’t wait for Southhampton in 2 weeks time! 

Bristol A with their 1st place medals

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