Birmingham Competition 7th December 2019

All of our Bristol competitors

The fourth and final competition of 2019 was hosted by Birmingham on 7th December.  Bristol brought three teams counting towards the league results, as well as a scratch team the result of unexpected last-minute team changes just a few days before the competition, made up of two of our club members and two members from Keynsham LSC.  We were waiting for a typical few hours in isolation until our first team finally got to the start of the competition: the SERCs.

Our dry SERC was a simulated dark alley at night – not complete without a stabbing victim who deteriorated and went unconscious during the SERC.  Amongst the other casualties there was a suffering hypoglycaemic diabetic, an asthmatic, an unconscious, non-breathing adult in a tent, a drunk bystander, and a non-suffering diabetic with a head wound (who in real life is our own Gen Sec Bea whose burst eardrum stopped her competing!).  One of the biggest challenges in this SERC was attempting to find the mobile phone to contact the emergency services, which ended up being in the tent with the CPR casualty amongst the used needles and other rubbish.  Our fantastic D Team captain managed to find this which definitely helped to boost her team to get 7th in the dry SERC – an incredible achievement for a scratch team who had not met each other before 11am that day, and for Charlotte who had never captained before! 

Immediately after the dry we had the wet SERC, designed by our own Bristol alumni Sophie and featuring two more Bristol alumni casualties in the pool.  The scenario for this SERC was Jimothy’s pool birthday party gone wrong, with the added element of each team member having to wear shorts and a top into the SERC, which we were free to do with as we liked once the SERC had begun. Although there were some ‘typical’ casualties such as locked swimmers and a panicking swimmer, the challenges for this SERC proved to be rescuing them from the water – the only aid we had was a giant inflatable crocodile (and potentially our tops and shorts) which both the locked swimmers and the panicking swimmer required to be rescued to the side of the pool.  Also in the pool was a seizure casualty who went unconscious and required towing to the side, a non-panicking swimmer who could swim to the side with encouragement, and a body on the bottom of the pool representing an unconscious, non-breathing child whose role was as the missing brother of one of the party guests.  In the wet SERC, D Team came 23rd, C Team came 18th, and B Team came 15th in the overall results.  Birmingham’s SERCs tested all our teams but the A Team managed them both with expertise, winning 1st place out of all the teams in both the wet and the dry!

After the SERCs finished, we moved onto our speed events.  First we had rope throw where the different ropes we had to use challenged all the competitors, with only eight teams across the competition managing to finish the race.  After rope throw, we had manikin carry – a 4x25m sprint relay towing a full manikin.  Our final event was the swim-tow relay, requiring each team member to sprint 50m and then tow one of their team members a further 50m.  Across these two relays both C and B Team were consistent in their performance, getting 18th and 10th in manikin carry respectively, then 16th and 10th again in swim-tow. 

Once the competition was over, we had results which revealed that the A Team came an incredible 2nd in the Overall results, and 1st place in the A League! Within the Overall results, Bristol D came 19th, C Team came 20th, and the B team came 15th.  The last competition of 2019 was a successful one!

Bristol A Team (minus Cas) with their winning medals!

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