Bristol Competition 16th November 2019

Celebrations in the pool after a successful competition!

The third competition of the season was none other than Bristol comp, our home competition and therefore expectations were high. Weeks of planning by our club member Maisie had finally come to reality as teams started arriving into isolation, ready for the competition to begin. Bristol had a large representation at the competition, with 5 current teams and our alumni coming back to form their own team as Bristol Old Boys. The captains were called for their briefing and the competition started with the dry SERC, written by another alumni, Gaby. This was set in a factory where teams waited outside until they were called into the factory by a scream. Casualties included a non-breathing adult that needed CPR, an internal bleed and a seizure. Bristol teams were able to tackle this with ease, with Bristol A winning the SERC, Bristol Old Boys coming 2nd and Bristol D placing 6th. Next, we moved onto the wet SERC. This was set at an aerobics class that had been moved to the shallow pool due to tiling work happening in the main pool. Casualties consisted of a foot bleed, chest pains and an unconscious non-breathing builder who had been sent to fix the pool tiles halfway through the SERC. Again, this scenario was handled well by Bristol with the A team once again winning this SERC, and the Old Boys coming 4th, showing Bristol domination. Next, it was time for speeds with rope throw kicking things off. Bristol A showed the rest of the competition how it was done by winning this event making it their third event win of the day! The Old Boys showed they still had it by finishing closely behind them with 2nd place. After this, we moved onto medley. This was another strong event for Bristol teams with the A team placing 9th, the C team placing 12th and the B team placing 13th. Finally we ended with Swim and Tow. The A team didn’t falter, giving a strong performance and finishing 3rd. These strong results saw the A team win the competition and the A league, the Old Boys finishing 3rd overall, the D team coming 18th, the C team coming 20th, the B team finishing 25th and the E team finishing in 27th place. We celebrated our successes with an out of this world social at LUNA which saw Bristol dominate the dance floor. We all throughly enjoyed this competition, a huge thank you to Maisie for organising it and making it the success it was! We look forward to the next competition at Birmingham to keep up our fantastic results!

Bristol A winning 1st place overall
Bristol Old Boys with their 3rd place BOB trophies

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