Sheffield Competition 9th November 2019

Bristol on poolside after finishing the competition

The second competition of the season took place in Sheffield. As this is the furthest competition away, it meant another early start on Saturday to take on the long drive up. When teams had arrived and had settled into isolation, we felt confident that we could match or even beat our fantastic results from the previous competition. The captains left for their briefing and the day started with Bristol B heading out to tackle the SERCs, followed by Bristol A. The dry scenario took place in a lab at the University of Sheffield where a disaster had occurred. Casualties included an amputated finger, a chemical burn and a tour guide that went unconscious if not treated. Both Bristol teams excelled in this situation, with Bristol B winning the dry SERC and Bristol A closely following with 3rd place! Next, the wet SERC. This took place at a lake where swimmers, including a family had got themselves into difficulties. Casualties in this SERC included a head bleed, an unconscious non-breathing child and someone who had heatstroke. Again, this situation was no problem for Bristol lifesavers, with Bristol A producing another 3rd place and Bristol B just behind in 6th place. After some successful SERC solving from both teams, it was time to move onto speeds and Bristol lifesavers showed no signs of weakness. Bristol A won the rope throw with an impressive time of 1 minute and 27 seconds! Bristol B also showed a strong performance with all team members successfully throwing their ropes to their casualties. After this came the medley relay, the first time this event had been tackled this season. This consists of 4 different elements. The first of these is a 50m sprint, followed by a 50m swim with fins, then a 50m sprint with a torp which the third swimmer transfers to the fourth swimmer who swims with fins and the torp while towing the third swimmer. To make this complicated event even harder, due to the longer length of the Sheffield pool, each length was elongated to 33m, adding an extra 16m to each section of the relay. This didn’t phase the Bristol lifesavers who mastered this event, with both teams coming in the top 10! Finally, we competed in swim and tow. Again, the length of the Sheffield pool made this a taxing process yet the teams rose the the challenge, with Bristol A finishing 3rd and Bristol B finishing 9th. The day had been a huge success for both teams and they were both rewarded for their efforts. Bristol B managed to place 2nd in the B league while Bristol A came 3rd in the A league and overall! With the competition at its end, it meant an evening of celebrating with the other BULSCA teams at Pop Tarts before returning back to Bristol, feeling pleased and proud of the performance they had shown. 

Bristol A (and Bristol A alumni) with their 3rd place medals
Bristol B with their 2nd place medals

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