Bristol Comp 2017

First off we would like to say a massive thank you to everyone who made our competition yesterday such a success, judges, helpers and competitors it really can’t happen without you all!
Our second major thank you has to go to Gaby, who single handedly organised everything for yesterday and did a truly remarkable job, we cannot express our appreciation enough!
And now for the results…
Bristol D-
26th overall with great performances in some difficult SERCs, we’re really proud of how our newest members tackled their first ever competition and can’t wait to see more from them!
Bristol C-
24th overall with solid performances across both SERCs and Speeds events, plus a mention to Maisie for her first time captaining in competition and guiding our freshers team so well!
Bristol B-
6th overall with a good performance in the wet SERC, and a 2nd place finish in the rope throw helped them to secure 2nd place overall in the B league!
Bristol A-
Great performances across the board coming in the top 10 for every event, plus a 2nd place finish in the wet SERC helping them to finish in 3rd place overall!
We’re really thrilled at the number of members who competed yesterday and hope to see more of these amazing results throughout the years competitions!

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